Wednesday, April 12, 2006

(1/gogool )th % deviation

It is universal truth that google generates most of its revenues thru ads. But it's ad campainining is so far the best i've ever noticed ,ofcourse hutch is the second one.Any new product it launches it just provides a link on it's website,thatz it!!,the product is an instant hit(the quality of the product is the main reason though).When it had to recruit people it has simply provided a link "we are hiring" in it's home page.when i saw an ad in news paper which said "we are looking for people who can change the face of the world". I read in time magazine that to recruit, google displayed a billboard on the road to silicon valley showing "first ten digit prime number formed from the succesive digits of e .com" any one who could solve the riddle and type it in the browswer gets a call from google .evry thing google does is quite innovative.
but yesterday when i saw an ad for freeadwords i felt disappointed not that it was a sin to give an ad like that,but i expect every thing google does must be out ofthe box.

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Bhargav said...

Hi Sasank,really whatever google does,is innovative..but which ad were u refering to(freeadwords)??can u provide the link?