Monday, March 13, 2006

final midsems

finally our midsems are over.but what is special about the midsems for we have writtten 90 exams in bit till now..--first thing is ,some how the electricity department of bit mesra survived the examination syndrome(but godsave the minor power cuts) .--second thing is that these exams lasted unusually long (13 days- 6exams,courtesy mba interview call getters).--and the last thing is that these are the final midsems..meanwhile,accounting for all these days,students of bit are into business these days .a new free webhosting company was launced by you get free webspace of 200 mb and tech support all for free,all you need to do is post in the forum is an excellent idea to get people to visit your website regulary.once again this is a testimonial to my opinion that when you have a good idea,there is nothing like the "best time to start the business".

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