Friday, March 31, 2006


I sense that this is getting quite monotonous,I can't help but write about this wonderful book I've read .this makes Erich segal my favorite writer .This is about five students who studied at Harvard university.all these five have different back grounds but later make a terrific impact on the world .
For all those whose world politics/history is a bit hazy this is the one book.It puts these things quite simply in the backdrop of the main story.
what amazes me is their ease in getting their dates(I wonder if I know the definition of a date).
But one thing was put superbly -as what happens at both sides of the college gate.a song in telugu goes "college lo maharajulu ee gate daataka prajalavuduru" it tells how people have to make compromises after they leave the college gate.
The one quote which i liked very much -"human beings can't face too much of reality".

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