Friday, February 17, 2006

six thinking hatz

May be it's a copyright .so i modified the title.
i can't help telling people around abt the books i read,i continuum to my weakness,here we go
it was a dull and boring book for a person like me,who abviously is not much into management fundas kinda stuff
but to a person who has lot of responsiblities,i think this book can help him a lot.
best example: our training and placement incharge sir who,i think uses this methodology for all his meetings with us.when ever we meet ,he begins it with "WHY ARE WE HERE" Blue hat thinking(introductions and conclusions).and when he is careful abt the past slump ,he takes good measures abt them -black hat(care full).when he told us abt the 85% causes second round ,it was yellow hat thinking(optimism) .when he introduced maximum drift fundas -a sort of creative one ,it was green hat (creative thinking) .
but there is a missing link -red hat thinking??may be i missed it ,b'coz he implemented the plan perfectly to make our season a perfect success

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