Friday, February 10, 2006

last day of drishtant

it was conluding day of drishtant,though i did not take part in it actively i could make out it was a success.i was there in maya workshop which was incredible,the way he explained how the matrix animation was made was excellent.special appreciation to the person who presented maya software,the s/w was amazing personally as a gonna be s/w engineer i would love to work on developing those softwares
and the next event was tech-dedate the topic was "should the judiciary encroachment in the legislature be appreciated"
for one thing was a million dollar question to me,what was technical abt this topic??
it was an excellent debate except for the results ,i guess the judges were carried away by the fluency of the winners. personally i would have given first prize to the one who spoke last
every thing was fine except the pathetic mementos given to the guests


deepak gera said...

by just going there for 4 hrs does not imply that you could as well become the member of jury and declare it as a "success". so the topic itself was debatable. "is the topic techy or not".

deepak gera said...

kabhi to reply kar diya kar comment ka

it's Mr.Nasty said...

dude,i was there for the debate right from beginning though im not a convincing judge i have my opinions and views ,and so is this blog

deepak gera said...

so finally............ eternity comes to earth and replies. chill, okay its your say.