Friday, February 17, 2006

how was bitotsava'06

ask me , i was the witness of the entire event(spare few, which i cannot help)
thirkan was rocking, full credit to the performers who have put in tremendous efforts and made the show huge success,but the quality of sound was pathetic(courtesy:poor acoustics of OAT)
and the malhar the music nite was ,i shuld say it was the best music nite in my 4 years of engineering at BIT Mesra.the rock ,though i shuld say frankly im least interested in western music ,ardent fans of rock at BIT liked it very much .
the core nite was a hopeless flop with the people with horrendous sense of humour ,with pathetic jokes
put to gether i rate this bitotsav 71/2 on a scale of 10
i would give 10 to ragazzo
but was it a free n fair event ?only participants can juge....................

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