Friday, February 17, 2006

six thinking hatz

May be it's a copyright .so i modified the title.
i can't help telling people around abt the books i read,i continuum to my weakness,here we go
it was a dull and boring book for a person like me,who abviously is not much into management fundas kinda stuff
but to a person who has lot of responsiblities,i think this book can help him a lot.
best example: our training and placement incharge sir who,i think uses this methodology for all his meetings with us.when ever we meet ,he begins it with "WHY ARE WE HERE" Blue hat thinking(introductions and conclusions).and when he is careful abt the past slump ,he takes good measures abt them -black hat(care full).when he told us abt the 85% causes second round ,it was yellow hat thinking(optimism) .when he introduced maximum drift fundas -a sort of creative one ,it was green hat (creative thinking) .
but there is a missing link -red hat thinking??may be i missed it ,b'coz he implemented the plan perfectly to make our season a perfect success

how was bitotsava'06

ask me , i was the witness of the entire event(spare few, which i cannot help)
thirkan was rocking, full credit to the performers who have put in tremendous efforts and made the show huge success,but the quality of sound was pathetic(courtesy:poor acoustics of OAT)
and the malhar the music nite was ,i shuld say it was the best music nite in my 4 years of engineering at BIT Mesra.the rock ,though i shuld say frankly im least interested in western music ,ardent fans of rock at BIT liked it very much .
the core nite was a hopeless flop with the people with horrendous sense of humour ,with pathetic jokes
put to gether i rate this bitotsav 71/2 on a scale of 10
i would give 10 to ragazzo
but was it a free n fair event ?only participants can juge....................

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Night at the call center

Aah another book describing loosers,may be chetan bhagat loves to describe the plight of loosers.even in his first book "five point some one",was a good comedy (to be honest) but it was abt three loosers .
while I was reading the book (for first 100 pages) i thought may be one day in my BIT could be more eventfull,but after the call from god(seriously) it was very interesting,what he wanted to say, he said it exactly,that "no one is a looser.".

Friday, February 10, 2006

last day of drishtant

it was conluding day of drishtant,though i did not take part in it actively i could make out it was a success.i was there in maya workshop which was incredible,the way he explained how the matrix animation was made was excellent.special appreciation to the person who presented maya software,the s/w was amazing personally as a gonna be s/w engineer i would love to work on developing those softwares
and the next event was tech-dedate the topic was "should the judiciary encroachment in the legislature be appreciated"
for one thing was a million dollar question to me,what was technical abt this topic??
it was an excellent debate except for the results ,i guess the judges were carried away by the fluency of the winners. personally i would have given first prize to the one who spoke last
every thing was fine except the pathetic mementos given to the guests

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gone with the wind

ooohfff i have completed reading a marvelous novel "GONE WITH THE WIND" by Margarett Mitchell. i think it is the best book I’ve ever read, though i must have took 30-40 reading days which is considerably a long duration, it was worth reading such a thick novel.
Right from the beginning the novel presents the main character Scarlett O’Hara as the most bullheaded women of her times.
Till the end of the novel i went with her opinion that it is not the proprietary that matters when people are dying of hunger
It was a beautifully written love story with the American civil war as the backdrop, in which she never understands a person who loves her and misunderstands a person whom she thinks that she has loved
Few phrases have left an indelible impression on me
"Apologies postponed become harder and harder and finally impossible to make"
"You should not judge someone else by yourself b'coz he does what he is supposed to do"
"I’ll think of it some other time when i can stand it better, but tomorrow is yet another day"
And many.....I think I’ll read it again when i have enough time

take it easy

Relax guys ,I would not have blogged so much about "what a prof told in a convo " but what he said was exactly in my i thought abt posting his exact words so that it can make a better impact

convocation 2006

Here is the précis of the convocation address of the chief guest prof.damodar acharya chairamn, aicte
In his words:
"I take this opportunity to congratulate each and every degree/award recipients and wish them the very best in their career life .they are now joined a select few who have privilege of having the best in technical education.simultaneously, they are getting a rare privilege of serving their family, community and country with distinction, dedication, honesty and integrity"
And he took up some of the basic issues and challenges that our very own technical education system is facing today, and how to prepare to face the turbulent world when they are leaving the safe and secure campus of our institute
He gave the statistics of the number of students getting admitted into engg relative to other developed nation, and the number of quality engineers coming out to this profession. At the same time he reminded about the shortage of the faculty which is key to improve the quality of education
The striking aspects of these stats are the age distribution of teachers is such that there is peak above 60 and the second peak is around 23.

the part i liked most was when he said " 21st century shall be dominated by those nations who can through research and innovation create intellectual property, commercialize the same at the shortest possible time and meet the global needs of goods and services at least,technical education will have a dominant role"
So if India has to be a developed country by 2020 and bring smile to over a billion faces some of the steps that may change the scenario are:
Revamping the curricula of engineering degree by
--basic sciences (12-15%)
--basic engineering including computer sciences (15-20%)
--humanities, social sciences and management including communication skills (12-15%)
--professional core about 30%
--professional electives of abt 20% credit
Faculty shortage must be addressed by effective continuous training and retraining the available faculty and up gradation of their educational qualification
Creating a research and innovation culture in the institutions by giving importance to project, product and development.
Involving the industries who depend on our technical institutions for their manpower in training the faculty
The regulatory shud concentrate less on trivial like approvals sanction etc, environment must be created so that institution providing poor quality of education must face closure
Accreditation system must need to be strengthened and brought at par with the rest of the world


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i saw rang de basanti on jan 30
it was a cool movie with excellent music.
i expected it to be a serious patriotic movie but it was a good blend of evry thing.
the way both the preindependence and the current situations were shown was amazing
songs were superb and they were apt to situation
the best song in the movie was luka chupi
and rang de basanti song was beautifully sung by daler mehandi
aamir khan and siddharth were simply superb in the movie

From mardigras to bitotsava'06

Perhaps club representatives in bit must see 'A BEAUTIFUL MIND' once.i wanna remind a part of the movie in which John nash rejects the idea of father of modern economics.
he says
"Best result comes from every one in the group doing whatz best for himself".... incomplete ,Adam smith is wrong bcoz "the Best result comes from every one in the group doing whatz best for himself and whatz best for the group"

we can notice that there is a helluva difference between mardi gras and ragazzo and tatva and this year bitotsava is not even named!!

so it is better to have one techfest and one cultural fest (Majorones).
i wanna write few articles about whatz happening in bit mesra,
we have been getting somany holidays from last few days in the name of sports meet,rpday,and now we may be having hols bcoz of drishtant and bitotsava
so, lots of activities going on... ,bit is a happening place NOW