Saturday, January 28, 2006

A new word is coined in english it is NETAHOLIC.the exact defination if this word is :-One who has a compulsive need to browse the web, post to newsgroups, create personal web sites, submit entries to other people's sites,and spend 15 or more hours in the net, etc.
though i may not fit in this description exactly,im tending to become one if i have access to internet 24hrs a day.and i will be proud about it,bcoz i see infinite amount of information over here,all you need is energy to sit and type.
talking about my case four years ago ,internet was scarce and a damn luxury which i could not afford,but today i hardly miss net anyday that to for FREE.
thanks to bit mesra for letting us use this grt facility.but at the same time alas it is not enough.
so,good luck for my jnrs who will enjoy this like hell

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shabda said...

Hey If you keep on blogging soon you are gonna be a netaholic.