Wednesday, January 25, 2006

last december i went to goa along with my friends.
it is such a wonderful place that evryone must be there atleast once when they r studying.
thanks to indian railways which provided us a wonderful guest house on the kolva beach
kolva is one of the best beaches in goa,but there are only few "u know whos" on the beach.
later we had been to few temples which were very beautiful and also to a church and a museum. the church's architechture was amazing .and we had been to the fort of aquada(supposed to be the place where dil chahta hai was shot),this place was amazing (not the fort but the view one can have from the fort walls)
and on the next day we had been to bagha beach the most beautiful beach.and then we headed back to the hitech city
the best thing i liked about it was the panjim's cleanliness,it was very very neat hyd is nothing compared to it

the things u hav to remember when you r in goa
-stay in panjim, not some other place(because places are far from each other and poor transport means)
-eat in sher-e-punjabi restuarant,we had an amazing biryani over there.
-plan your trip well
-go to bagha beach for sure
it's been 2 months as and when i remember something i will edit this
three cheers to heavens goa

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