Saturday, January 28, 2006

A new word is coined in english it is NETAHOLIC.the exact defination if this word is :-One who has a compulsive need to browse the web, post to newsgroups, create personal web sites, submit entries to other people's sites,and spend 15 or more hours in the net, etc.
though i may not fit in this description exactly,im tending to become one if i have access to internet 24hrs a day.and i will be proud about it,bcoz i see infinite amount of information over here,all you need is energy to sit and type.
talking about my case four years ago ,internet was scarce and a damn luxury which i could not afford,but today i hardly miss net anyday that to for FREE.
thanks to bit mesra for letting us use this grt facility.but at the same time alas it is not enough.
so,good luck for my jnrs who will enjoy this like hell

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

last december i went to goa along with my friends.
it is such a wonderful place that evryone must be there atleast once when they r studying.
thanks to indian railways which provided us a wonderful guest house on the kolva beach
kolva is one of the best beaches in goa,but there are only few "u know whos" on the beach.
later we had been to few temples which were very beautiful and also to a church and a museum. the church's architechture was amazing .and we had been to the fort of aquada(supposed to be the place where dil chahta hai was shot),this place was amazing (not the fort but the view one can have from the fort walls)
and on the next day we had been to bagha beach the most beautiful beach.and then we headed back to the hitech city
the best thing i liked about it was the panjim's cleanliness,it was very very neat hyd is nothing compared to it

the things u hav to remember when you r in goa
-stay in panjim, not some other place(because places are far from each other and poor transport means)
-eat in sher-e-punjabi restuarant,we had an amazing biryani over there.
-plan your trip well
-go to bagha beach for sure
it's been 2 months as and when i remember something i will edit this
three cheers to heavens goa

Monday, January 23, 2006

From past few days iam occupied with the thought,whether i can write a code for the sudoku game,i think iam almost thru with the idea but i have to check it for various possible cases.i have to check that will all the sudokus have a solution without the need of guessing or not.
if that is for sure then i will proceed with of my friend is ready with the code .but i'll try it on my own
when iam thru the first thing i do is post on my blog
The c++ program for the snake game has been posted on my knowthecodes blog
the features are uses all the features of the object oriented programming
for the snakes which i treated them to be objects
2. the number of players can be more than one (my own feature)
3.and moreover the mesh on which you can play the game can also be drawn using my mesh editor which i have developed seperately( i'll be posting it soon)
4. your own mesh implies it can be even your name

run the program using turboc compiler with proper graphics path in the initgraph function and enjoy the game

Saturday, January 21, 2006

hey rang de basanti songs are awesome
i have been listening to them from last one week
exceptional work by rahman
thanks to the genious

Friday, January 20, 2006

here i have written a c++ program for the snake game which we usually play in mobile phones using graphics
look the code in
hey this is gonna be a cool blog
full of jokes,movie reviews
i know iam not professional,but u can count on my views
but i know my taste is not horrendous
if u would like to get statistics about ur blog or website here is a link
ofcourse there are many ,but i use this to check my statistics
create an account and a project and then check your statistics it is very simple

Thursday, January 19, 2006

i think...
if u feel u want to share/enhance ur knowledge, here is a cool place
check this out
ofcourse it is matlab's website .
check the link
it is cool to share

Monday, January 16, 2006

thanks to my maths teacher in my 10th std.
he was the one who made me curious abt this field.

here iam starting this blog to let you know what metamorphosis engineering can bring abt a person

Sunday, January 15, 2006