Saturday, December 30, 2006

I-pod or Zune ,What to buy? Who can answer this well?

Was Yahoo Stupid,when Google asked to buy its search technology?, It said "First make it scalable,and why not start your own firm"!!..Now everyone knows What Google is ,and where it stands in the Internet world. When it launched Gmail,it swept the land beneath the feet of Hotmail and yahoo..
I thought google,with its very creative products will constantly improve it's search results.. we all know News,blogger,orkut,spreadsheet,picasa etc.. any thing google does to give a better search results,And ofcourse Google was a huge success.
In the world of searching.. Leave aside factual searches,and Data or Event related searches,which is a major part. However,a major part of searches we make are Questions.. I want to buy a mobile,i ask what is the price of Nokia? or is I-pod better than Zune? or what is the best holiday spot in hyderabad... etc.. Most of my searches are questions.. But the way search engines work, cannot give you accurate results. ofcourse "If you assume that the question is already resolved at some other place,we can get better results."
Say inorder to ask "What is the best Holiday spot in Hyderabad?" . I should ask "Best Holiday spot in hyderabad is ". Ofcourse you get some results generated By some machine ,which implements some algorithm. But if you would ask a Hyderabadi like me .. I would say Gandipet or Imax.. or some reasonable place..
So, Google and Yahoo fought over this, To get "As Many questions as possible,and Get Answers by humans for these questions.. Ofcourse is also doing this.Don't know how successfull Microsoft is?."Google was innovative and priced the questions ,depending on the priority with which they have to answered. whereas Yahoo formed a community and helped people answer these questions.
Google forgot an important point.. "Internet is a place,where everyone wants something for free,No one wants to pay,Free email,Free community sites,Free Web hosting,Free Mp3 Player etc..".
Yahoo,which is focused and now i realise that "Yahoo knows what it is doing,and definitely a competitor to google any time. ".
Yesterday when i was searching to buy I-Pod or Zune,Yahoo Answers gave 11 answers within 1Hr , Still Undecided what to buy.. Whats ur say??

Friday, December 29, 2006

Nice way to do business..

Ever since the telephone was launched... to my knowledge,all incoming calls are free. When the mobile was first launched,I remember incoming calls were also very high mobiles are more likely used as pagers... "Get a missed call,and the call the person from a nearest STD booth" . But as time passed, the competition got severe.. and the prices were slashed down very quickly..

But Airtel presents " Song Catcher". which listens any song and matches from its data base, and makes it as your caller tune. Wow!! that is amazingly simple.. And the prices are as low as 1 re/Day.

Now I guess you get the picture,"WE ARE BEING CHARGED FOR INCOMING CALLS ALSO". that too irrespective of how many calls we make.. Nice idea rite,Owner is happy . and customer is also happy as he is getting value for the money he is paying.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Kya pata kiski zindagi kisko kaha lejayegi...

Yesterday,I met one of my friends returned from Banglore for a Vacation.. And some how I managed to get tickets to a stupid movie..We three saw the movie and later the best part was we were walking along the necklace road,supposedly the best part of hyderabad... We made phone calls to our mutual friends and were talking to them.. and suddenly a thougt struck to me.. It was from a beautiful movie Dil Chahta hai..It is an awesome movie.. which stood the test of times.
It is a profound statement which is relavent to everone..


I Saw rakhi... No comments on the movie... you would have heard about this , donot want to repeat that it was.. etc etc...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hyderabad revisited

When people ask me "where are you from"? I say i'm born and brought up in Hyderabad,however I'm not sure where is Charminar and lad bazaretc.. the noted landmarks for Hyderabad.. Ofcourse I know reasonably well about hyderabad.. Being a chronic Bus traveller,I overlook the route maps to these places...
So ,I was all set to Visit these places,When my friend has a business visitor from The U.K.When we were leaving for charminar, I told my friends that the structure which we are seeing is Salarjung Museum, Ouch, The auto driver said that "that is High Court sir,the one to your left is Salarjung Museum,that consilidated my feeling,that i'm also a visitor to this place!!"
When we came near to the place,it was Simply old, nothing great as i expected... Absolute lack of maintanence.. And the most unfair thing was the entrance ticket was 20 times more for Non-Indians , I was wondering what they would they charge me for entry to "Warwick castle".
Next we went to the adjacent place Mecca Masjid, ofcourse i've never been to a mosque before, but it looked good with all the pigeons flocking and the charminar has a spledind view from this place. And this place stood as a testimonial for the co-existence of the religions in hyderabad.. I thought "who said this is sensitive ,be careful!!!!"
And the next halt was at Salarjung Museum, When i told him that this is the mueseum, he said "Ah! yes, it is largest personal collection by any person in the world".. gosh! i was shocked"Man,this guy is more prepared than us".,,, and our next stop was at Birla Mandir and then to the latest "Hyderabad central"... was a tiresome day overall, i still feel the cramps..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ignorance is not bliss..

I read some where "linux *is* user friendly but not ignorant friendly".. This statement was really insulting, as i'm a chronic Windows user , and I don't even know how to play a song in linux (ofcourse,when some one mounts a drive I can do that) . So I thought I would see , what is all the hype around this linux ,which is supposedly the competitor for MS-Windows..
So to get started ,I installed Ubuntu,which was given to me by programming gurus at our college,where I was reluctant to install this version ,coz i was reasonably happy with my windows..
Now when I installed this on computer,ofcourse I did not leave my Windows yet,I find no major difference, in terms of Interface or the performance .. and please mind that this is an ignorant speaking..
Now i'd go about learning what is this ubuntu all about,by starting with the philosophy of ubuntu.. coz that is best why to study any thing,where you will get to know ,why some thing is incorporated into it...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dhoom again..

It's not that I want to tell that I saw Dhoom 2 ,I saw this movie second time..!!! it's not that it is a great movie ,however it was a coool movie.. I enjoyed the movie through out ,but still it did not live upto the expectations of Dhoom .. where everything was professional and the statement "kuch bhi karenge ,style se karenge " was perfect for the movie..
The second one was more of a ramp walk.. where half the time ,people were walking as if they are on a ramp!!!.. and ofcourse Hrithik roshan stealed the show... the movie was too much indianised with pathetic and very un-situational songs..
Now waiting for Guru...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bommarillu Again..

Oh!! We wanted to see hardcore Andhra Mass types movie.. Guess what can be a better option other than Stalin. With two of my non-telugu speaking friends,we were all set to see Stalin,Ofcourse it would be second time for me.
It was that moment where we realised that Stalin is somewhere 20 kms far from our place..But my determined friends ,wanted to see Bommarillu,which I insisted that this story oriented movie,with so-many dialogues is not a better option.
I even gave a hint to them abt the friends episode which I like in which he says "Now enjoy the slow death"..
However me, along with my determined friends entered the theatre. This movie was a nice one "ofcourse I never like the instances where people read me like a book" .I guess the context of the movie is quite common every where but to what extent this happens actually matters.. I really enjoyed the light comedy.. however I should really appreciate my friends patience who were there through out the movie..

Toooo fast ...

Long time ago someone told that "if any thing needs to be done today ,do it now. and some thing which needs to be done tomorrow needs to be done today.. other wise you may not get the chance to do it later".. Hmm.. why is this principle applicable to India or entire world??.. why we are running so fast,in order to catch-up somany things.. oh!! By the way.. I should say, we are missing so many other things..

I'm not sure what would happen to the world if Time stops for a while ,as an engineering student,all I can say is Universe looses it's stability .. or i'm not sure if the universe is stable now.. May be earth can collapse into sun.. Uff.. so much to happen.. So I dont want the TIME to become standstill.. I want why can't this happen at a reasonable pace.. ofcourse this has side effects too, may be I can't see a Car which runs at twice the super-sonic speed.. and a ladder to Moon.. I might miss so many things.. However may I ask, are these the only things to watch out for?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Latest Happenings...

"Six for a Man,Seven for a woman,Eight for a Fool"-insaneunknown.. May be I deserve to be called a "higher degree of a fool.." . I've been working in UK timings as a part of my job where my timings usually end at 12:00AM.I thought i'll have all the time of the time of day ,when I started this ..But it is other-way round..Nyways.. I should say i've been busy offlate with my JOB .. Started to enjoy the job..speaking to English people is a nice experiece.. While witnessing the definition of "Offshoring" .. 'coz thats what i've been doing, I seriously wonder abt the way business works.. Telephone,and two s/w's which enable remote connectivity,thats it.. and some people with decent brains.. you get into a multi-million deal to manage the infrastructure of a HUGE organisation...
The latest advancement is I've cleared my first examination ,as of part of my drive to b'come an MCSE.. it is not as simple as I thought.. but is is very much acheiveable..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who will win "the girl"?

Out of the blue... I'm not talking about the America & Iraq and I'm also not talking about Google & Yahoo war. It is over MUSIC. Music is some thing which knows no language and it is something which can really take out of this world.The perfect interpretation would be "converting audio signals to digital signals, interpreting the sequence of 1's and 0's as SAREGAME... " and playing with these numbers ,So when a sound with/without some frequencies would be pleasant to hear.
I think BOSE was the first to realize this fact ..And Sony was the first to realise this potential and WALKMAN was the result.. for almost a decade.. Sony ruled this industry ,with virtually no competitors... and if u notice the timeline of the industry,people are entering into this field these days as" better late than never"
Apple ,with Steve Jobs ,the great visionary behind it.. entered the field with a sleek, beatiful and handy I-POD ,to me biggest advantage of i-pod is its audio quality and the beautiful design ,which has always been a part of all Apple products.This finally ended the monopoly of Sony over digital music player... People are gradually forgetting to buy CD-mans and walkmans.. With a commanding success of Apple in this field.. gave a hint to other biggies in this field... and followers are CREATIVE,SAMSUNG,TOSHIBA... and rest..
And now enter the FOLLOWER .. Microsoft,M$
as people call it.. was not afraid of it's late entry ,and also it's inexperience.. asuaual ,the result was a clone of an already successful product,with so-many enhanced features.. the hardisk made by toshiba,the processor by freescale, the software is ONLY by Microsoft,I believe the only thing M$ is counting upon is its 100million dolllars investment in the publicity of ZUNE... Though I haven't seen the ZUNE,i'm quite hopeful that this would be cooool gizmo with nice features.. rather than being just a muzic player like i-pod..
However, now the serious question is what people expect from a coool gizmo... the way nokia,motorola are investing to make their mobiles more of an "music player" rather then just a mobile and the way Microsoft is making their product with a wireless or rather bluetooth connectivity.... it is tough to know at the moment..
Recently a quote by Steve Jobs "I've seen the demonstrations about how you can find another person using a Zune and give them a song they can play three times. It takes for ever. By the time you've gone through all that, the girl's got up and left."

If these people believe , the purpose of a cool gizmo is to win the girl..,i believe it is tough time for a while to determine who can help me win.. will wait and seee...
BTW i'm looking for a reliable,awesome sound quality,and more compatibily, and if it can help me win a girl.. thats an addded advantage....
Good luck M$,Apple,Nokia,Motorola,Creative,Samsung... :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Butterfly effect

The Butterfly effect is "Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system" - (Chaos Theory)- .
How the hell is it relavent to me?? . Most of the times, we wonder about "why the hell am I here?", to me the answer is simple ..
Somepoint of time we did something to which this is the consequence....Let me give an example,some times I think why haven't I got admission into IIT? the answer is either I haven't put in right amount of effort to get into IIT or I could not make-up my mind to give-away one more year .. So every moment we have infront of us is a CONSEQUENCE.
As you notice these changes for that particular instant seem to be infinetesimal..But on a long run,These small moments bring a helluva change in the life we lead.. So, I think every moment has to be tuned with perfection if we have to lead a better life.,coz some point of time, if we think "had I done this, or had I not done that .." it would have been very late...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stalin redefined the rules of gravity.!!!

After a momentary thought,I decided to watch Stalin instead of Bommarillu.. No specific reasons though,only one reason.. CHIRANJEEVI .If some one asks me howz the movie?,I would say the movie is terrific,coz I liked it very much and enjoyed the movie through out.
Except for a few moments where you have to forget all laws of gravitation which we learned in our schools,and bear with all the pathetic songs, the movie was excellent,particularly the background score was amazing, I wonder if it is by Manisharma.. and the message it carried out " Help 3 people around you,and ask them to do some help to further 3 people",carry out this recursively.. It was a nice message..
But now thinking about practicality,who would like to be preached?at least not me.. i would do things my own way ,rather than getting preached!!! .. I guess this is the case with most of the people,save few souls who i'm eternally indebted to..for the good work they are doing..
Personally I feel tollywood has to growup a bit more and come-out from the routine,"use the formula which gave success" again and again...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

DON is back!!!!!

It's been lot of time since I was a student, I always used to think,"when iam working I would be doing creative stuff, this college life.... you are forced to read the subjects which you are not even interested.. "
Now I realise why I miss my college life, simply b'coz in your college,you are the DON of yourself,you can do anything you like , all you need is to pass the exam.. I hope everone thinking my way can easily do that.. But the freedom to do anything is not found anywhere.. So friends,who are still students.. college life is the best place to pursue your passions.. and you would get helluva encouragement to do that..why??? all the major products which are infront of us are a result of college projects.. how many do you think are born out of biggies....????
so, I feel I want to be a part of it again....
P.S: Don't give me crap like , "you can also learn while you earn ,etc.." b'coz when you are doing something ,make sure that you make no mistakes .. haha.. this is also learning from life....

Monday, October 02, 2006

hey friends ,how are you ????

"professor Nash, u missed the class again"..alicia nash
"I hope no one missed me" -Nash..
This was conversation in the movie " A Beautiful mind"..which I remembered when I missed the "Ravan Dahan" in my colony ..not an apt comparision but I felt like writing it here... I don't remember when I missed it last.It used to be a kind of get-to-gether of my friends in Nalanda vidyalaya H.S..
Sorry friends,I hope to C.U again sooooon.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


A strange thing happened to me ...Today when I was walking near panjagutta,suddenly a maruthi,grey colour,bumped into me... and the driver of the car did not even stop..When I noticed it was a GIRL!!!!!!!,atleast she could have told me a sweet sorry,i could have forgotten this.oh man it still hurts....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

do you know about this

I had few questions which were bugging me from quite a lot time. I found ,I posted these questions hoping to get an answer.
Human brain is no doubt the most wonderful creation on earth.however, unfortunately we have very very less information about brain.I've somany questions regarding this,when I get answers to this,I'll definitely post them.Some,of them might make you think and trigger some more questions... let me know,if you have answers or if you some more similar questions.

what is pattern of information in brain??
when some one asks me a question,or when some incidents happen. i remember all the incidents which are similar to the current situation. when i read a book,i donot remember everything,but when i read for the next time,i know that i've read this already..

Does brain has a GRAPH kind of memory structure where all similar incidents are linked with a sequence number?

Does it have a "Detail" and "Summary" parts to every information object?. so that we immediately remember summary and to recollect the detail we need to concentrate a bit more..

Will brain ever forget any information?can i remember the incidents when i was one year old?

Friday, September 15, 2006

One heck of an experience!!!

Oh really!!... when I was told that I was posted in noida I was terribly confused ... whether to go to noida or TRY to stay back..I was scared abt was followed by a horrible train journey to collect my certis and then a journey to delhi..there I met a legendary guy..
When I reached the guest house it was an OKAY kind of guest house..I was shocked to see that I was the only guy who can speak telugu in the entire batch!!!. I stayed in Ranchi for 4 years but never felt this b'coz 90% of the time I speak telugu with my friends.
This followed by a confusion or rather a serious question.That whether my domain is a good domain or a just a KUFLI domain,after a serious thought I made a comprimise to continue..
As the time passed by I had a great oppurtunities to meet people,it is really great to be with them.. guys from Chennai,Bangalore,Kashmir,Lucknow.... as time passed by i started to like the job which I got. I was supposed to be a server administrator..ofcourse this has two parts,one is like every one can do it.. one is really challenging and you have to be good in somany domains,and helps you to learn different Iam happy.
NOW IAM BACK TO HYDERABAD.It is great to be back......

it's great to be back....

after turning dormant in blogger's world for a long duration,it is great to return to the world. well,so many things happened in this long duration. i will try to come up with some cooooool posts as usual..

Monday, July 03, 2006

believe it or not!!

This guy's name is Balramnand and I'm Mr.Nasty..I was travelling in the 2nd ac for the first time.. I thought the 35hrs of journey would be boring with people sleeping all the time in their berths..But I met this person who asked me if i can play chess with him.. I said ,i would love to.. I'm not a great chess player but I play reasonably well.. this person played incredibly well and eventually I lost to him..
But whatz special about this game, just it's between me n some one else who is a co-passenger travelling to jalandhar.. u might wonder..
But you know this guy was blind .. and at any point of time he never made me feel this point, and his moves were impeccable his strategy was excellent.. i had to bow to him..and he is so talented that he can play tabla,keyboard,mouthorgan and what not!!
genius isn't was really sad that i couldnt have a pic with him..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good bye ,BIT Mesra...

I've just now collected all my certificates.. what'z surprising is that my all time highest gpa was in my final semester.. and thatz the case with many of my friends.. coool.
It was a heck of a procedure to get all the certificates.But I felt it quite normal b'coz of the experience I had with registrations,getting nodues signed etc..every one is important here..each signature matters here..but the irony is noone checks the signature..why you can sign it..
finally i'm going to start the part-2 of my blog......
P.S :I'm blogging from BIT Mesra's internet lab.. hohoho.. still am i the student of BIT Mesra??..i'm now the alumini of this institute..

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Geethanjali reunion

Well i would call it a reunion,why when 4 old friends meet together i would call it a reunion.It was wonderful to see how people choose their paths depending on their of my friend is going to IISC Banglore,other to Kentucky university US,the other is joining a core job and my self joining an MNC..
we all studyed the same course at our intermediate and took the same coaching for iit-jee.Yet thers is something which parted our ways..We all have choosen different was a great feeling to meet old friends but still they remained same to me.
we talked along the necklace road and we went inside to prasads multiplex and we came back.
it was really great..

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I've been planning this from almost 1yr,finally i've launched my own site I thought I'd face many problems when you launch a website..but when I started working every thing seemed to be easy!!
bottom line is -"all you need is an idea which works"
1.where do I get freespace on internet?
somany providers give free web space with different restrictions,I got it on,here all you need to do is forum posting.and if you think you are busy to participate in forum discussions go for paid webhosting(if you think your idea really works)
2.I got the free webspace how do I create webpages and upload onto my site?
usually webhosters provide you with a control panel which is very easy to use and lets you install forums,guest books using just few clicks....
3.I've installed forums,guestbooks and uploaded few webpages onto my space but i've got some problems about modifying and customizing?
you have somany forums-discussion boards which give reply within an hour(yes!! i'm not exaggerating i got a reply almost instantaneously)
4.I took all the pain how can i commercialize the idea?
yes,ofcourse you have google adsense program,all you have to do is register with the program and i provides you with a small script which you have to add to you web pages ,thatz it it generates ads relavent to the content,the more the craze for your page the more the money you get from the adsense
thatz it my website was on!!
one more thing,in order to upload the files you have a simple option using a software called filezilla,very very usefull and simple
ofcourse if you have to host a or i guess just forget the above crap.thatz a different story ask larry page or sergey binn..

what do i like?

If i ask this question to a person who knows me very well,i guess he cannot answer it correctly.But these days I have been reading regularly ,and usually i will login into before i make searches.
Yesterday i was shocked to see a link news recommended for on the google news,dear me i was dumbstruck ,google already knows my taste and to my horror i'm interested in the news provided by it!!!
right now i'm enjoying it b'coz its like eating a deliciously cooked food.but can it prove harmful to me?
It is a question of trust ,as long as i trust google it is harmless,and as long as im good it is harmless....that makes google still my favourite brand

Monday, May 08, 2006

what drives you??

If efficiency n=100*(amount of subject understood in one hour)/(amount of subject understood while you are studying with full concentration).Then i must say almost anyone's efficiency(including me) reaches 100% on the day before the examination.What could be the possible reason?
that's perhaps one mystery noone could solve.under this enigma my final yr final exams are over.that makes me one presentation short of an engineer.with efficieny which becomes high only on the day before exam .i was wondering what drives me when i start second half of this blog?
is it the money?or is it the job satisfaction?or is it the independence?
atleast till now i feel it is just a piece of creative work which can bring out best out of me.....
what drives you??

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

(1/gogool )th % deviation

It is universal truth that google generates most of its revenues thru ads. But it's ad campainining is so far the best i've ever noticed ,ofcourse hutch is the second one.Any new product it launches it just provides a link on it's website,thatz it!!,the product is an instant hit(the quality of the product is the main reason though).When it had to recruit people it has simply provided a link "we are hiring" in it's home page.when i saw an ad in news paper which said "we are looking for people who can change the face of the world". I read in time magazine that to recruit, google displayed a billboard on the road to silicon valley showing "first ten digit prime number formed from the succesive digits of e .com" any one who could solve the riddle and type it in the browswer gets a call from google .evry thing google does is quite innovative.
but yesterday when i saw an ad for freeadwords i felt disappointed not that it was a sin to give an ad like that,but i expect every thing google does must be out ofthe box.

life has its own way of masti

"For the goat's tail, the goat is the tail. For the goat, its tail is the goat's tail, but for the tail the goat itself is the tail".
this Tenali Rama's poem is no joke and is perhaps one of his sweetest gifts to mankind to enjoy humour in almost any kind of situation. His prescription is: look at anything from the wrong or the opposite side of things. You can then see the comical aspect of things or situations you earlier thought were grave.
It is quite unlikely for us to have parties when end-sems are 2 weeks away.while coming back we landed up in a horrifying situation. i'll post the entire story some other time.but we had an amazing time at the parties.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hacking lessons at technical institution!!!

Drishtant team as promised arranged a guest lecture by Ankit Fadia,a name well associated with Ethical hacking...well he'z just as much as my age but his lecture was simply superb.He put forward the hacking tricks.most of the stuff went above my head(exact translation of hindi phrase..).but i liked the presentation.Even after an eloborate hacking lecture i cudn't figure out how to get to see pics on my orkut(which have been blocked here for no particular reason!!)
finally to measure the magnitude of the success - all the seats were outsold for his hacking course,which he is conducting online

Friday, March 31, 2006


I sense that this is getting quite monotonous,I can't help but write about this wonderful book I've read .this makes Erich segal my favorite writer .This is about five students who studied at Harvard university.all these five have different back grounds but later make a terrific impact on the world .
For all those whose world politics/history is a bit hazy this is the one book.It puts these things quite simply in the backdrop of the main story.
what amazes me is their ease in getting their dates(I wonder if I know the definition of a date).
But one thing was put superbly -as what happens at both sides of the college gate.a song in telugu goes "college lo maharajulu ee gate daataka prajalavuduru" it tells how people have to make compromises after they leave the college gate.
The one quote which i liked very much -"human beings can't face too much of reality".

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The final year syndrome

perhaps it is common among all(i'm afraid,there are exceptions) final years.what could be the possible reason??
is it the sense of security of getting placement,or is it the weariness caused by 4 years of continuous effort(quite possible)??
what ever might be the possible reason,things have changed a lot from the day we first came here,we were eager,enthusiastic and energitic.this ofcourse has remained unchanged in our minds, but to prove it i'm waiting for a different stage...
a message on a tee-shirt reads:"i just pretend to study and my teachers also pretend to give marks"..

Monday, March 13, 2006

final midsems

finally our midsems are over.but what is special about the midsems for we have writtten 90 exams in bit till now..--first thing is ,some how the electricity department of bit mesra survived the examination syndrome(but godsave the minor power cuts) .--second thing is that these exams lasted unusually long (13 days- 6exams,courtesy mba interview call getters).--and the last thing is that these are the final midsems..meanwhile,accounting for all these days,students of bit are into business these days .a new free webhosting company was launced by you get free webspace of 200 mb and tech support all for free,all you need to do is post in the forum is an excellent idea to get people to visit your website regulary.once again this is a testimonial to my opinion that when you have a good idea,there is nothing like the "best time to start the business".

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Very Beautiful Mind

it was not a love story,and not a thriller it is just a biography of a human being named prof John Forbes Nash, professor of MIT .i never thought a biography can be written in such an elegant way. it is about this man who was genious who later turned into mad and later triumphs by winning a nobel in economics
no doubt this man was a genious,but can i, ( a mere mortal ), question his sanity bcoz he dumped his first mistress and that he was always arrogant to wards his peers?
but this is the man who made most significant contribution towards game theory(which i hardly understood).
but this was a very great book which described the plight of schizophrenia patients and what takes it to be a prof at princeton and how r these nobel winners like ,its like they a born to get it

Friday, February 17, 2006

six thinking hatz

May be it's a copyright .so i modified the title.
i can't help telling people around abt the books i read,i continuum to my weakness,here we go
it was a dull and boring book for a person like me,who abviously is not much into management fundas kinda stuff
but to a person who has lot of responsiblities,i think this book can help him a lot.
best example: our training and placement incharge sir who,i think uses this methodology for all his meetings with us.when ever we meet ,he begins it with "WHY ARE WE HERE" Blue hat thinking(introductions and conclusions).and when he is careful abt the past slump ,he takes good measures abt them -black hat(care full).when he told us abt the 85% causes second round ,it was yellow hat thinking(optimism) .when he introduced maximum drift fundas -a sort of creative one ,it was green hat (creative thinking) .
but there is a missing link -red hat thinking??may be i missed it ,b'coz he implemented the plan perfectly to make our season a perfect success

how was bitotsava'06

ask me , i was the witness of the entire event(spare few, which i cannot help)
thirkan was rocking, full credit to the performers who have put in tremendous efforts and made the show huge success,but the quality of sound was pathetic(courtesy:poor acoustics of OAT)
and the malhar the music nite was ,i shuld say it was the best music nite in my 4 years of engineering at BIT Mesra.the rock ,though i shuld say frankly im least interested in western music ,ardent fans of rock at BIT liked it very much .
the core nite was a hopeless flop with the people with horrendous sense of humour ,with pathetic jokes
put to gether i rate this bitotsav 71/2 on a scale of 10
i would give 10 to ragazzo
but was it a free n fair event ?only participants can juge....................

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Night at the call center

Aah another book describing loosers,may be chetan bhagat loves to describe the plight of loosers.even in his first book "five point some one",was a good comedy (to be honest) but it was abt three loosers .
while I was reading the book (for first 100 pages) i thought may be one day in my BIT could be more eventfull,but after the call from god(seriously) it was very interesting,what he wanted to say, he said it exactly,that "no one is a looser.".

Friday, February 10, 2006

last day of drishtant

it was conluding day of drishtant,though i did not take part in it actively i could make out it was a success.i was there in maya workshop which was incredible,the way he explained how the matrix animation was made was excellent.special appreciation to the person who presented maya software,the s/w was amazing personally as a gonna be s/w engineer i would love to work on developing those softwares
and the next event was tech-dedate the topic was "should the judiciary encroachment in the legislature be appreciated"
for one thing was a million dollar question to me,what was technical abt this topic??
it was an excellent debate except for the results ,i guess the judges were carried away by the fluency of the winners. personally i would have given first prize to the one who spoke last
every thing was fine except the pathetic mementos given to the guests

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gone with the wind

ooohfff i have completed reading a marvelous novel "GONE WITH THE WIND" by Margarett Mitchell. i think it is the best book I’ve ever read, though i must have took 30-40 reading days which is considerably a long duration, it was worth reading such a thick novel.
Right from the beginning the novel presents the main character Scarlett O’Hara as the most bullheaded women of her times.
Till the end of the novel i went with her opinion that it is not the proprietary that matters when people are dying of hunger
It was a beautifully written love story with the American civil war as the backdrop, in which she never understands a person who loves her and misunderstands a person whom she thinks that she has loved
Few phrases have left an indelible impression on me
"Apologies postponed become harder and harder and finally impossible to make"
"You should not judge someone else by yourself b'coz he does what he is supposed to do"
"I’ll think of it some other time when i can stand it better, but tomorrow is yet another day"
And many.....I think I’ll read it again when i have enough time

take it easy

Relax guys ,I would not have blogged so much about "what a prof told in a convo " but what he said was exactly in my i thought abt posting his exact words so that it can make a better impact

convocation 2006

Here is the précis of the convocation address of the chief guest prof.damodar acharya chairamn, aicte
In his words:
"I take this opportunity to congratulate each and every degree/award recipients and wish them the very best in their career life .they are now joined a select few who have privilege of having the best in technical education.simultaneously, they are getting a rare privilege of serving their family, community and country with distinction, dedication, honesty and integrity"
And he took up some of the basic issues and challenges that our very own technical education system is facing today, and how to prepare to face the turbulent world when they are leaving the safe and secure campus of our institute
He gave the statistics of the number of students getting admitted into engg relative to other developed nation, and the number of quality engineers coming out to this profession. At the same time he reminded about the shortage of the faculty which is key to improve the quality of education
The striking aspects of these stats are the age distribution of teachers is such that there is peak above 60 and the second peak is around 23.

the part i liked most was when he said " 21st century shall be dominated by those nations who can through research and innovation create intellectual property, commercialize the same at the shortest possible time and meet the global needs of goods and services at least,technical education will have a dominant role"
So if India has to be a developed country by 2020 and bring smile to over a billion faces some of the steps that may change the scenario are:
Revamping the curricula of engineering degree by
--basic sciences (12-15%)
--basic engineering including computer sciences (15-20%)
--humanities, social sciences and management including communication skills (12-15%)
--professional core about 30%
--professional electives of abt 20% credit
Faculty shortage must be addressed by effective continuous training and retraining the available faculty and up gradation of their educational qualification
Creating a research and innovation culture in the institutions by giving importance to project, product and development.
Involving the industries who depend on our technical institutions for their manpower in training the faculty
The regulatory shud concentrate less on trivial like approvals sanction etc, environment must be created so that institution providing poor quality of education must face closure
Accreditation system must need to be strengthened and brought at par with the rest of the world


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i saw rang de basanti on jan 30
it was a cool movie with excellent music.
i expected it to be a serious patriotic movie but it was a good blend of evry thing.
the way both the preindependence and the current situations were shown was amazing
songs were superb and they were apt to situation
the best song in the movie was luka chupi
and rang de basanti song was beautifully sung by daler mehandi
aamir khan and siddharth were simply superb in the movie

From mardigras to bitotsava'06

Perhaps club representatives in bit must see 'A BEAUTIFUL MIND' once.i wanna remind a part of the movie in which John nash rejects the idea of father of modern economics.
he says
"Best result comes from every one in the group doing whatz best for himself".... incomplete ,Adam smith is wrong bcoz "the Best result comes from every one in the group doing whatz best for himself and whatz best for the group"

we can notice that there is a helluva difference between mardi gras and ragazzo and tatva and this year bitotsava is not even named!!

so it is better to have one techfest and one cultural fest (Majorones).
i wanna write few articles about whatz happening in bit mesra,
we have been getting somany holidays from last few days in the name of sports meet,rpday,and now we may be having hols bcoz of drishtant and bitotsava
so, lots of activities going on... ,bit is a happening place NOW

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A new word is coined in english it is NETAHOLIC.the exact defination if this word is :-One who has a compulsive need to browse the web, post to newsgroups, create personal web sites, submit entries to other people's sites,and spend 15 or more hours in the net, etc.
though i may not fit in this description exactly,im tending to become one if i have access to internet 24hrs a day.and i will be proud about it,bcoz i see infinite amount of information over here,all you need is energy to sit and type.
talking about my case four years ago ,internet was scarce and a damn luxury which i could not afford,but today i hardly miss net anyday that to for FREE.
thanks to bit mesra for letting us use this grt facility.but at the same time alas it is not enough.
so,good luck for my jnrs who will enjoy this like hell

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

last december i went to goa along with my friends.
it is such a wonderful place that evryone must be there atleast once when they r studying.
thanks to indian railways which provided us a wonderful guest house on the kolva beach
kolva is one of the best beaches in goa,but there are only few "u know whos" on the beach.
later we had been to few temples which were very beautiful and also to a church and a museum. the church's architechture was amazing .and we had been to the fort of aquada(supposed to be the place where dil chahta hai was shot),this place was amazing (not the fort but the view one can have from the fort walls)
and on the next day we had been to bagha beach the most beautiful beach.and then we headed back to the hitech city
the best thing i liked about it was the panjim's cleanliness,it was very very neat hyd is nothing compared to it

the things u hav to remember when you r in goa
-stay in panjim, not some other place(because places are far from each other and poor transport means)
-eat in sher-e-punjabi restuarant,we had an amazing biryani over there.
-plan your trip well
-go to bagha beach for sure
it's been 2 months as and when i remember something i will edit this
three cheers to heavens goa

Monday, January 23, 2006

From past few days iam occupied with the thought,whether i can write a code for the sudoku game,i think iam almost thru with the idea but i have to check it for various possible cases.i have to check that will all the sudokus have a solution without the need of guessing or not.
if that is for sure then i will proceed with of my friend is ready with the code .but i'll try it on my own
when iam thru the first thing i do is post on my blog
The c++ program for the snake game has been posted on my knowthecodes blog
the features are uses all the features of the object oriented programming
for the snakes which i treated them to be objects
2. the number of players can be more than one (my own feature)
3.and moreover the mesh on which you can play the game can also be drawn using my mesh editor which i have developed seperately( i'll be posting it soon)
4. your own mesh implies it can be even your name

run the program using turboc compiler with proper graphics path in the initgraph function and enjoy the game

Saturday, January 21, 2006

hey rang de basanti songs are awesome
i have been listening to them from last one week
exceptional work by rahman
thanks to the genious

Friday, January 20, 2006

here i have written a c++ program for the snake game which we usually play in mobile phones using graphics
look the code in
hey this is gonna be a cool blog
full of jokes,movie reviews
i know iam not professional,but u can count on my views
but i know my taste is not horrendous
if u would like to get statistics about ur blog or website here is a link
ofcourse there are many ,but i use this to check my statistics
create an account and a project and then check your statistics it is very simple

Thursday, January 19, 2006

i think...
if u feel u want to share/enhance ur knowledge, here is a cool place
check this out
ofcourse it is matlab's website .
check the link
it is cool to share

Monday, January 16, 2006

thanks to my maths teacher in my 10th std.
he was the one who made me curious abt this field.

here iam starting this blog to let you know what metamorphosis engineering can bring abt a person

Sunday, January 15, 2006