Tuesday, October 27, 2015


A colleague told funnily that that "you've reached an important numerical landmark as far as your age is concerned". 30 years I think will strike any one hard and it did me too. But its too early to write an eulogy, Few important lessons I've learned all the way, is "Focus" & "Its not the end of the world". While I may have not followed them in true spirit, Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Lets see.

Friday, July 03, 2015

The fine city

After a long planning, the trip failed once. This time yet again we thought while the VISA was valid we should give it a shot. Unlike the first time the planning wasn't great. Archana fears that unless we set our feet outside in the foreign land the trip doesn't start.
Langkawi is a small,beautiful clean Island. It feels great to roam around in a new country on your own with a map in your hand. You actually feel like explorers. The place is pretty laid back & in general I felt the happiness quotient of the people pretty high. The good part of the trip if not the best was I ran a 5k!.
Singapore is epitome of a successful city. The city seemed to have purpose in its every bit. Although we keep hearing that our leaders will turn our cities into Singapore, I feel it is near impossible. For I've seen leaders who strive for change but not people. In Indian cities I feel it is hard to bring that kind of change, as it has to come from people. Although there are absurdly astronomical fines, it is great that people comply & not perpetrate corruption. Cleanliness aside, Singapore seemed to be an art. It is one thing to imagine something & other thing to approve to build something crazy and an entirely different thing to execute it.Singapore has excelled in all three things. Our temples are masterpieces but we should not stop at our glorified history but doing it NOW is what matters.
Kualalumpur is what we can dream to become if we strive to be singapore. I found the same chaos as what i've seen in our cities. But this was acheieved without imposing a frame on people's mind. It seemed to have evolved naturally.
I'm sure we are doing great in lot of aspects, but its always great to get inspired from others.
P.S Sad to see such exotic birds in cages

Monday, January 12, 2015

Losing weight can be enlightening

At the beginning of 2014 I told myself I wanted to be fit. Fit by movie standards can be having a six pack abs . But I set myself some meaningful number to achieve which was a BMI <25. Through half of the year, I was no where close to what I wanted to achieve, it disheartened me a little.
I took the challenge once again and set a date of Oct 19 which was the date I set because it was the date for which Archana and I were flying for Singapore for a week long vacation. A little silly desire was to look good in the photos.
I took a Nike+ running coach and practiced running regularly. Overall I finally achieved my target but the journey itself was very enlightening. The best thing I learnt was - average was easily achievable but to move the needle just by a bit from there was were the real effort was needed. I originally averaged over 8min/km  and to bring to 7min/km was quick. The culmination and the real joy came when I ran my 5k under 6mins/km.
Not to waste your effort on some something you will later regret was something that got implanted in me deeply after this.  It takes a great deal of motivation to wake up and run a 5k. But the joy post the run is incredible and the freshness stays with you throughout the day. Its the kind of feeling that makes your effort worthwhile which you don't want to waste on a cheesy pizza or a tasteless ice cream. I may have annoyed people by being choosy because it's the freshness which I want to relish but not something which I'd later regret.
Make time spent feel it is really worthy.
Remembering the Rudyard Kipling's poem
If you can fill the minute with sixty seconds worth the distance run
Yours is earth and everything in it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Study of matter

I was reluctant to watch new TV series after I watched Friends few years ago. My colleagues kept telling me how witty HIMYM and BBT were but I just didn't want to watch yet another comedy series. This one series which my friends kept talking about how awesome it is made me slightly keen. I got it from a friend and started watching it without any presumption.
   I have thoroughly enjoyed the series and went to a point that I was making suggestions for the characters ,judging them and sympathizing with the them. Later I realized that this is how a movie/drama should be. It need not make you think or make you morally responsible etc. It must make you feel with the characters.
  Kudos to Breaking bad creators. Jesse/Heisenberg/Hank you rock.!! And absolutely love the way Jesse says b@##$.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Sad state of housing

It is every person's However Rich he might be  to have a House(read home) of his own. While we keep hearing from our previous generation, that the land was so cheap here, People who bought here became Millionaires. I'm or many of my friends who are in the fray to buy a house don't expect it to be like that. Primarily because many don't have the patience or Time to Build and maintain big houses.
Off late, out of sheer pressure of Ever rising Rents demanded by Owners, I started looking out to buy a House. Buying a house is a life time commitment, Not because it is where you stay for a large portion of your life. But the EMI we keep paying for the rest of the life. Literally.

In Bangalore, I see an absurd concept of Rental advance , which is 10 months of rent paid per month. For a decent house in a good locality it comes to around > 2Lakhs.  I want to question the greedy owners, Why not accept the money as a security deposits and give back the interest on the Security deposit back to the tenants. After all , even in the worst case the damage charges would not cost more than the 10 months of Rent. Is it even legal?. to accept such high security deposits?

Putting the pain of Renting a house aside, Buying a house is much more greedy affair. Ofcourse we are not expecting the Real estate businessmen to do a charity of providing low cost housing to all. But a lot of builders who claim to provide 90% open to sky ventures, I would like to understand How will it help a average person to stay in a gated community with 90% open to sky area. Isn't it the responsibility of the Muncipality to provide a livable environment with Parks & Play grounds. On top of this crazy concept, The houses are sold at 30% higher cost than the actual livable area of the house, which makes it more absurd. In the first place this is a apartment. Of all expenses the land is at the highest premium, which is shared between literally hundreds of houses, Why should any one pay for the common areas which is 30% more than the livable area?.

Adding to all these, the areas where the price is highest are the ones which are not even accessible by a good road, I asked a sales person there is not even a road, or any decent development in 10 km radius, why on earth is he charging such a hefty premium?. I was shocked at the answer, "Sir this is by xyz company, which is a very trust worthy company you have to believe that this area will develop in future".  I want to understand just because xyz company builds houses in an area will that area develop?.  I only see it as a greedy business where the companies just want to Mint millions at the cost of giving sub standard living experience to customers who for their rest of their lives keep paying EMIs.

Before the government or law tries to take some measures and bring out efficiently planned layouts, and  come up with low cost housing.  I want to question people, who are shelling out huge amounts of money, Why?.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Hobbit

After my friends told me that "Lord of the rings" is THE book to be read, I had restrained myself from watching the movie. Watching a movie before reading books make the book loose its charm. Before I started this Scarily Huge book I leared that "The Hobbit" is a prequel. So naturally I started Reading this book. Hobbit is one of the sweet books I've read. However towards the End  I was a little disappointed. Although the book was little short, the Repetition of the (mis)adventures made me felt the book a little stretched. All the way after finishing the book, felt a sense of satisfaction of reading a Good book. Hopefully i'll not Read "Lord of the Rings".

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sour fortune cookie

Every year during the harvest festival a fair is arranged in Hari's village. Hari sets up his stall during this time with a old and funny looking equipment . He got this equipment which looks like a robot with many LEDs from his father. He called it future yantra. The machine is capable of telling people's futures when they put on the headphones . Hari never believed the machine's capabilities but during this time of the year it fetches him a decent amount of money.

Every time he does set up the machine he remembers what his father had told him about the machine. "The moment you know your future you will ruin your present". Those words didn't make a lot of sense to Hari.

This year,with all fancy equipments Hari's old equipment didn't stand out and he was beginning to wonder if he would earn a single pie next year. While a small crowd was waiting for their turn in Hari's stall , suddenly a kid started complaining that the yantra was not working and the kid's  parents demanded the one rupee back which they put inside the machine . To make sure that the machine was working, Hari put his fathers words aside and put on the headphones for the first time in his life. The machine made some weird noises and told him, "Keymaker! You can be very rich!"

For once Hari remembered his childhood talent, he can make a duplicate of any key within 5 minutes . He thought of starting a new business that make duplicate keys . Hari's business was unique up to 10 villages in all directions. Hari used to charge his customers 10 percent of whatever the key guards. Although it was a heavenly price villagers didn't have any option but to trust Hari. As Hari kept getting richer a thought was seeded in his mind,"I need a key that cannot be copied to protect all my wealth". Hari never slept well again in his life

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cab Drive(s) to Remember

Everyday I spend approximately 2 hours commuting to office. I realized I had better things to do while commuting other than cursing the traffic and bad Roads. The new Nexus 7 is a blessing in disguise, among the many things it can be it is my new e-book reader.
Doctors is a book i wanted to read when i was in College, After reading Love Story and The Class, I felt the tone of Erich Segal a bit monotonous albeit really engrossing. However after 8 years I got my hands on this book at the start it seemed to be really slow and felt a little boring. However it is hardly a put down.
Very few books make you feel that you want to meet the characters in the book and make you wonder what must have happened to the characters after the book. Doctors although had heavy jargon, it puts it in a very simple yet understandable language.
The best thing I liked about the book is how clearly we can differentiate between what is good & what is bad and who we can look upto!. Over all leaves a good feeling once the book is complete. Wanted to see how Dr. Laura Castellano looks like :) 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Patience is a virtue

Impressed with the new airport and the Road to it

Monday, December 02, 2013

Girl and the glass house

People say "love is blind", isn't that a silly expression?.Love is a feeling it cannot be blind. But it is definitely capable of making people blind.

Keerthi is a beautiful girl who used to make people around her laugh. Now she is 47 years old and has wrinkles below her eyes. She is an accomplished woman working as a designer in a leading fashion jewelry firm. With a gleam in her eyes every day she visits the glass building without fail, dressing the best she can. Not many people know the reason behind the moist eyes which seem to have been waiting since eternity.

Keerthi had a huge fan following and silently she used to enjoy all the admiration she used to garner. But among her many admirers Ratan used to have a special place. Not because Ratan was handsome, he was good with words. The moment Ratan speaks ,Keerthi used to fall head over heels for him and listen intently gaping her mouth wide open.

Ratan's favorite spot in bangalore was the glass building. It is a  huge structure, There was nothing fabulous about the building but what Ratan liked the most was it had glass every where. Keerthi, like any other girl used to set her make-up right in front of every mirror in the building. Every time Ratan used to meet keerthi , without even thinking twice they used to decide on this spot. Ratan felt a devilish joy of teasing Keerthi every time she touches her bindi telling her, "You are looking just fine!". Keerthi used to brush him away saying "This is our birth right". Secretly both used to enjoy this little quibbling

On the last day of the college before Ratan and keerthi were leaving to their homes, Ratan casually remarked "I think you will miss my teasing" . Keerthi spontaneously replied funnily "I'm so glad you won't be around ,I can look into the mirrors all day long!". Some times fate can be really cruel that people say things without realizing that it could be the last thing they say to the other person.